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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 15 - Afternoon of a Faun

(4/4) Today is for the men of Afternoon of a Faun.

Eddie Villella shared in his autobiography: “I learned that I had actually been Jerry’s inspiration for Afternoon of a Faun when he had seen me as a teenage student work at SAB on Madison Avenue. Studios there had huge windows, and sunlight often poured in through them. One afternoon, I was standing in the fading light daydreaming and leaned against the barre, yawning and stretching absentmindedly. Watching me, Jerry was struck by an idea for the ballet.”

Afshin Mofid, a dancer coached by Robbins in the role, shared with Alastair Macaulay : “Thinking back, I can say it was a very intense experience on stage for me. He made me aware of the space, music, and movement all woven together in one long sentence[….] Strangely, every time I finished dancing it I felt I was waking up from, or coming out of, a trance.”

(top left) Arthur Mitchell, 1969

(bottom left) Afshin Mofid, 1984

(center) Jacques D’Amboise, 1964

(top right) Ib Andersen, 1980

(bottom right) Peter Martins, 1974

All photos by Martha Swope

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