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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 20 - Symphony in Three Movements

After watching the premiere of Symphony in Three Movements at the 1972 Stravinsky Festival, Nancy Goldner wrote: “As in all Balanchine masterpieces, one is never sure if the music sounds the way it does because of the choreography or if the choreography feels a certain way because of the music.”

(top left) Wendy Whelan & Kipling Houston, 1984. Photo by Martha Swope

(top center) Jock Soto & Maria Calegari,1984. Photo by Martha Swope

(top right) Melinda Roy & Jean-Pierre Frohlich, 1983. Photo by Martha Swope

(bottom left) Edward Villella & Sara Leland, 1974. Photo by Martha Swope

(bottom center) Jack Soto & Wendy Whelan. Photo by Paul Kolnik

(bottom right) Victor Castelli & Lourdes Lopez, 1982. Photo by Martha Swope

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