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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 24 - Apollo

Updated: Apr 4

(3/6) Balanchine on the idea that his ballets are abstract: “No piece of music, no dance can in itself be abstract. You hear a physical sound, humanly organized, performed by people. Or you see moving before you dancers of flesh and blood, in a living relation to each other. What you hear and see is completely real.”

(top left) Serge Lifar and Alexandra Danilova. Photo by Sasha, 1928.

(top right) Edward Villella, Patricia McBride. Photo by Swope, 1964.

(bottom right) Mikhail Baryshnikov and Heather Watts. Photo by Swope, 1979.

(bottom left) Jacques D’Amboise and Suzanne Farrell. Photo by Swope, 1969.


(4/6) “It’s like the pope represents Christ. I represent Terpsichore, goddess of the dance.” — Balanchine, May 1964.

This moment is often known as the "blessing of the pointe shoes."

(top left) Serge Lifar, Felia Doubrovska, Lubov Tchernicheva. Photo by Boris Lipnitzski, 1928.

(top center) Andre Eglevsky, Maria Tallchief, Tanaquil LeClercq, Diana Adams. George Platt Lynes, 1951.

(top right) Jacques D'Amboise, Gloria Govrin, Suzanne Farrell, Marnee Morris. Swope, 1969.

(bottom left) Jacques D’Amboise, Diana Adams, Patricia Wilde, Melissa Hayden. Swope, 1957.

(bottom center) Edward Villella, Suki Schorer, Carol Sumner, and Patricia McBride. Swope, 1964.

(bottom right) Peter Martins, Maria Calegari, Suzanne Farrell, Kyra Nichols. Swope, 1982.


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