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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 26 - Baiser de la Fée

Updated: Mar 29

Tonight, Tiler Peck and Joseph Gordon will dance the Divertimento from Le Baiser de la Fée, originally danced by Patricia McBride and Helgi Tomasson (pictured).

In 1937 Balanchine choreographed Le Baiser de la Fée for his American Ballet (a precursor to NYCB). For the Stravinsky Festival in 1972, he took an excerpt of the music and re-choreographed it, leaving “no hint of a narrative, and only a single step remains from the Company's [original] staging of Baiser: the girl's long penché arabesque to the low arm of the man, kneeling on the floor—"like falling off a mountain").

—Nancy Reynolds, Repertory in Review: 40 Years of New York City Ballet (affiliate link)

Helgi Tomasson and Patricia McBride. Photos by Martha Swope

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