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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 4 - Goldberg Variations

Yesterday I featured many Serenade women… Today is for the men of Goldberg Variations.

In 1974, Robbins wrote:

“Last Friday I saw ‘Goldberg V.’ with NYCB—& then went down to ABT to see Fancy Free I hadn’t seen FF in about 15 years. It’s 30 years old. What a trip to see the naiveness of FF after the cool clear elegance & craft & inventions of G.V. I liked what I’d made of my talent, and what I had become & what I’d made of my life…” —Jerome Robbins: By Himself by Amanda Vaill 

(left) Bryan Pitts,1977

(center) Victor Castelli, 1977

(right) Adam Luders, 1984

All photos by Martha Swope

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