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NYCB Vol. 6 No. 20 - Fancy Free

Updated: Apr 4

Jerome Robbins: "One should feel immediately that the three are good friends, used to bumming around together, used to each other’s guff…that they are in the habit of spending their time as a trio, and that, under all their rough and tumble exterior, there is a real affection for each other, a kind of “my buddy” feeling.”

Jerome Robbins: By Himself (affiliate link)

[Photo disclaimer—these photos have been photoshopped for the following reasons: These photos exist as prints in the George Platt Lynes collection in the New York Public Library Jerome Robbins Dance Division. They are not digitized, they are printed and kept inside 3-ring binders in clear page protectors. Researchers are not allowed to remove the photos from their plastic coverings which are very shiny and reflective. When I'm taking photos of these photos you can clearly see my face, arm, and phone reflected in the photos which distract from the actual content of the photo. In an attempt to share with you a portion of the beauty of Lynes’ photos, I have photoshopped these images to remove the distracting reflections to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, this process has diminished the overall ethereal quality of Lynes' photos and produced shadows, lines, and other discoloration that does exist in the originals. Nonetheless, I hope that bringing these photos to light will still be valuable even in their altered state]

Photos by George Platt Lynes, 1949.

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