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NYCB Vol. 6 No. 30 - Sleeping Beauty

(L) Claudia Kulichevskaya--Gold Fairy, (C) Anna Johansson -- Diamond Fairy, (R) Maria Tristova--Sapphire Fairy (floor) Elsa Krueger--Silver Fairy.

In Petipa's 1890 production of Sleeping Beauty, the Precious Stones Pas de Quatre included the Gold Fairy, Sapphire Fairy, Silver Fairy, and Diamond Fairy (pictured). In Martin's 1991 production, the precious stones were changed to Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Gold — an homage to Balanchine's "Jewels".

Roma Sosenko (Emerald). Photo by Martha Swope, 1991.

Nilas Martins (Gold) & Lourdes Lopez (Diamond). Photo by Martha Swope, 1991.

Kelly Cass (Emerald). Photo by Martha Swope, 1991.

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