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Happy Birthday, Baryshnikov!

Happy Birthday, Baryshnikov!

There’s a sweet article written by Arthur Unger in 1980 who interviewed Misha and Liza together on a rainy New York day about their (then) upcoming TV special Baryshnikov on Broadway. I excerpt two bits below but suggest you read the full article by following the link in my story!

“How does dancing on Broadway compare with classical ballet dancing? Misha is very definite. ‘There is no similarity. Even the sense of performance is different. Psychologically and physically you are tuning yourself differently. Your body grows differently. It is impossible to compare.’”

“He smiles like an exuberant little boy who has managed to hit a home run. ‘I never dreamed in my whole life that I would be part of this kind of show business some day.’”

Baryshnikov and Minnelli perform ‘Too Darn Hot’ in the televised special Baryshnikov on Broadway. Choreography by Ron Field

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