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NYCB Vol. 2 No. 4 - Rubies

Rubies is on the program tonight so let’s talk about the premiere in 1967! Did you know that Jewels was so successful when it premiered that by popular demand an extra show was added later in the week?? They cancelled the originally scheduled program to add another Jewels performance!

Edward Villella and Patricia McBride originated the principal couple in Rubies. Here’s what New York Times critic Clive Barnes had to say about them after the premiere: “Patricia McBride [was] sweetly funny and fiercely fast, while her partner, Edward Villella, swoops and punches his way around the stage with an easy-going humor and tremendous virtuosity.—April 17, 1967

All pics show Edward Villella and Patricia McBride in the premiere of Rubies 1967, photos by Martha Swope.

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