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NYCB Vol. 10 No. 29 - Opus 19/The Dreamer

Updated: Mar 29

"The ballet appears to concern the musings of a sensitive young man. A woman symbolizes an ideal in the entrances and exits of an ensemble represent the rushings of his thoughts. What makes the work unusual is the fact that whereas the patterns of the heroes dreams are clear, their true significance is never disclosed. Yet the ballet was always fascinating, thanks to Mr. Robbins is choreographic ingenuity and a strong cast.

"Patricia McBride was alluring and elusive as the dream woman. And Ib Anderson’s command of movement gradation was masterful. He could pull himself in word, as if trying to shut out the world. However, the next minute he might reach out word in a desperate grass, towards something invisible, yet clearly present, only to find himself clutching empty air. The streamer was surely a romantic poet. "

Patricia McBride & Ib Andersen

Photos by Martha Swope, 1984

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