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NYCB Vol. 10. No. 33 - Tarantella

Today we wrap up the winter season with a high-energy program. In this footage of Patricia McBride and Edward Villella in Tarantella, although the editing and close ups can detracted from the viewer’s experience of the choreography, it reveals an element that viewers may not typically notice in the theater if they are more than 5 rows from the stage—the eye contact between the dancers! I really love the close ups that highlight the joy that Patti and Eddie had challenging and supporting each other throughout the performance. It’s infectious!

Next up: NYCB heads to London this month as their first tour stop this year celebrating the 75th anniversary of the company. I (of course) have found some London-related material to share with you all and who knows…I may just pop up in the audience at the Sadler’s Wells theater too…

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