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NYCB Vol. 10 No. 20 - Liebeslieder Walzer

“Nothing at all happens, of course— nothing but the constant revelation of beauty.”

--John Martin, New York Times, Nov 23, 1960.

“The quality of the movement in the pieces related to specific dancers. For instance, Diana Adams – he liked the stateliness of her, her maturity, and he put her with someone (Carter) who was young, blonde, looked almost like a child on stage. And not a “Balanchine“ dancer. But perfect for Diana. If you look at the choreography, he’s always running after her running, because she was flattered by his attentions. Her movements were so big and luscious.“

—Melissa Hayden in Repertory in Review: 40 Years of the New York City Ballet by Nancy Reynolds

Diana Adams and Bill Carter

Top Row: Photos by Martha Swope, 1961. NYPL

Middle Row: Photos by Fred Fehl, 1960. Harry Ransom Center

Bottom Row: Left by Fred Fehl, 1960. Harry Ransom Center. Right by Martha Swope, 1961. NYPL

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