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NYCB Vol. 2 No. 7 - Mozartiana

As Mozartiana is onstage again tonight, I wanted to share some pictures of the men from the original and 2nd casts. Victor Castelli, the original Gigue soloist told the New York Times:

''I wanted to make it very elegant, but it just goes on,'' Mr. Castelli said, laughing as he recalled working with Mr. Balanchine on his solo. ''It's very puffy - you get winded. He'd say, 'This is a rest step,' and I'd think 'Rest where?' as I danced it.”— Jennifer Dunning, Nov. 1981.

(top left) Peter Martins

(top right) Christopher D’Amboise

(bottom left) Ib Andersen

(bottom right) Jock Soto

All photos taken in 1982 by Martha Swope.

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