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NYCB Vol. 6 No. 27 - Sleeping Beauty

Updated: Apr 2

"Petipa choreographed the Bluebird Pas de deux as a pas d’action, in which the Bluebird is teaching Princess Florine how to fly, so she can escape from her tower prison. It is believed among many historians that the choreography for the Bluebird may have been choreographed by Enrico Cecchetti, himself, as it was very common at the time for the male dancers to choreograph their own variations. Cecchetti’s performance as the Bluebird caused a sensation at the 1890 première, with his famous performance of several flying beaten steps, which included the famous diagonal of brisés volés, presenting to the audience the perfect evocation of a fluttering, soaring bird."--Marius Petipa Society

Enrico Cecchetti as the Bluebird and Varvara Nikitina as Princess Florine. Original Petipa production, 1890.

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