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SAB 90 - The Madison Avenue Studio

Updated: Feb 26

Everyone is familiar with the iconic window lettering that read “School of American Ballet” at the Madison Avenue location which was home to the school from 1934-1956, but we’ve always seen it from INSIDE the studio. I got curious…are there any photos of the outside of SAB?

Photos by Frederick Melton, 1953.

Well guess what—I found two! Scroll through to see what 637 Madison Avenue looked like on the corner (SAB was on the 4th floor of the building) and if you look at the next photo in the top right corner you can see the lettering from the outside! That was a very exciting discovery for me. Has anyone ever seen a photo of the outside before?

NYC Municipal Archives, 1940

On the map, SAB is in the building that says "Tuxedo" on the north east corner of Madison and 59th.


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