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Dancin' No. 7

Updated: Mar 30

Happy Opening to the company of Dancin'! As always, I celebrate all theater and dance events by looking back at where we came from. Today I present you with this commercial for Dancin' which aired in May, 1978.

Photo: Bob Fosse outside of the Broadhurst Theater in April of 1978.

Footage via @marcus_galante (YouTube: Markie Polo)

I've identified as many of the dancers as I can:

Dancer 1: (male, White long sleeve, holding hat)

Dancer 2: Ann Reinking (black leo & boots)

Dancer 3: Christine Colby? (female, pink leo pirouette)

Dancer 4: Karen Burke (female, red leo legwarmers)

Dancer 5: Sandahl Bergman (female, blonde hair)

Dancer 6: Blane Savage? (male, blonde brown pants jump)

Dancer 7: (female, olive leo, boots)

Dancer 8: Charles Ward (male, red shirt, black pants)

Dancer 9: (male, grey pants, hat)

Dancer 10: (female, battement)

Dancer 11: Edward Love (cane, black pants)

Dancer 12: (female, blue/gray leo)

Dancer 13: (red pants)

Dancer 14: Wayne Cilento (brown pants)

Dancer 15: Karen Burke (red leo)

Dancer 16: Gregory Drotar (passé jump)

Dancer 17: (holding hat)

Dancer 18: Gail Benedict (red hair)

Dancer 19: Sandahl Bergman (blonde hair)

Dancer 20: (Red jumpsuit)

Dancer 21: Wayne Cilento (open shirt)

Dancer 22: Charles Ward (pirouette)

Dancer 23: Ann Reinking (black leo & scarf)

Dancer 24: (red pants)

The dancers I couldn't identify by face are all other original cast members including Vicki Frederick, John Mineo, Jill Cook, Gail Benedict, René Ceballo, Christopher Chadman, Richard Korthaze, Linda Haberman.

Let me know if you can help identify anyone else!


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