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NYCB in London No. 4 - Rehearsals

“During the day we rehearsed both ballets [Serenade & Symphony in C], and it was painful. The Covent Garden stage took getting used to. It had a rake, that is, it was built in a slight incline from the footlights to the upstage area, allowing the audience an unimpeded view of the action. On top of that, the floor was hard and full of splinters. The Sadler’s Wells dancers were always grumbling about it. We complained too, and were miserable dancing on it. But this was before there were marley floors to cover up rough surfaces, and nothing could be done. All day I was concerned about the effect the floor would have, and by evening I wasn’t feeling any better.”

—Maria Tallchief in "Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina" (affiliate link)

Photos by Roger Wood, 1952. NYPL


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