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NYCB Vol. 2 No. 2 - Mozartiana

On stage tonight: Mozartiana which premiered in 1981. From the NYTimes:

Miss Farrell grinned. ''Everyone asks me to put 'Mozartiana' into words,'' she said. ''There's a lot of mystery about it. But I've never felt you should try to solve mysteries.’' Mr. Balanchine himself remains matter-of-fact about it all. A visitor to a rehearsal the other day, asking why he had made a certain choreographic decision, was greeted with a cheerful ''Why not?’’ — Jennifer Dunning Nov. 20, 1981

(top left) Martha Swope, 1981. Suzanne, Ib Andersen and Mr. B.

(bottom left) Martha Swope, 1982. Suzanne and Peter Martins

(top right) Martha Swope, 1981. Suzanne and Mr. B

(bottom right) Martha Swope, 1981. Suzanne and Mr. B

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