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NYCB Vol. 2 No. 8 - Walpurgisnacht Ballet

This afternoon, Walpurgisnacht is on. Walpurgisnacht is a ballet set to music from the opera “Faust”. The Balanchine Trust’s website says that although the ballet does not directly depict the scene from which the music is taken in the opera, “it does build on a sense of joyful revelry.”

“Joyful revelry” is what I looked for when choosing photos for today’s post. All photos by Martha Swope.

(top left) Darci Kistler, 1980.

(top center) Judith Fugate, 1980.

(top right) Adam Luders,1982.

(bottom left) Suzanne Farrell and Adam Luders, 1980.

(bottom center)1986

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