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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 14 - Afternoon of a Faun

(3/4) Another moment in the genesis of the ballet came one day when Robbins watched dancers rehearsing the Swan Lake adagio and was struck by the contradiction between the passionate intimacy of the choreography, and the dancers’ typically self-conscious concerns about correct technique […] in front of the mirror.” — Dance With Demons: The Life of Jerome Robbins by Greg Lawrence (affiliate link)

Robbins said: “I was struck by the way they were watching the couple over there doing a love dance, and totally unaware of the proximity and possible sexuality of their physical encounters. And that was curious to me.”

---Repertory in Review: 40 Years of the New York City Ballet by Nancy Reynolds (affiliate link)

Allegra Kent, 1953

(top left) Kyra Nichols and Afshin Mofid, 1984

(top right) Peter Martins and Allegra Kent, 1974

(bottom left) Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins, 1977

(bottom right) Arthur Mitchell and Kay Mazzo, 1965

All photos by Martha Swope

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