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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 9 - Divertimento No. 15

In 1961, after Divertimento had not been performed in 2 years, New York Times dance critic John Martin said: “Indeed, this is a ballet that should not be allowed any time off at all, for it is a truly lovely work.” Tonight we welcome it back to the stage once again!

(top left) Gerard Ebitz, Ib Andersen, Christopher d'Amboise and Elyse Borne, Maria Calegari, Merrill Ashley, Suzanne Farrell and Lourdes Lopez, 1980

(top center) Peter Frame, Lauren Hauser, Maria Calegari, Merrill Ashley, Adam Luders, Stephanie Saland, Darci Kistler, Victor Castelli, 1985

(top right) Lourdes Lopez, 1979

(middle row left)

(middle row center) Melinda Roy, Victor Castelli, 1987

(middle row right) Debra Austin, 1979

(bottom) Gerard Ebitz, 1979

All photos by Martha Swope

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