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NYCB Vol. 4 No. 1 - Scotch Symphony

Tonight NYCB's season opens with 3 ballets, one of which being Balanchine's Scotch Symphony. The ballet originally featured Maria Tallchief and André Eglevsky. Anthony Blum was subsequently her partner.

"Tallchief, flying through space with gossamer lightness, sweetly rejecting gravity as she balanced effortlessly on pointe, was lovely in her elusiveness. [...] When two boys toss Tallchief high in the air, she sails forward as if the air were her natural home, and Eglevsky catches her high on his chest as if she were without weight."— John Martin, New York Times, 1952.

(left) Andre Eglevsky and Maria Tallchief, 1952. Photo by Walter E. Owen.

(top center) Anthony Blum and Maria Tallchief. Photo by Martha Swope.

(bottom center) Maria Tallchief and Anthony Blum, curtain call, 1963. Photo by Martha Swope

(right) Maria Tallchief. Photo by Martha Swope.

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