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NYCB Vol. 4 No. 27 - Symphony in C

With one final Bizet, that's a wrap on NYCB's Fall 2022 season! Thank you all for learning and/or reminiscing with me. Thank you for sharing these posts so that more people can appreciate this history. Thank you for fact-checking me and kindly adding in your corrections where you find mistakes. Thank you for sharing your own memories of these moments. Thank you for saying hi when you run into me at the theater!

I'm already looking forward to sharing all the great Nutcracker photos, stories, and fun facts that I've been digging up for you!

(left) Patricia McBride. Photo by Martha Swope. New York Public Library

(right) Patricia McBride (Edward Villella behind) Photo by Fred Fehl, 1963. Harry Ransom Center

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