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NYCB Vol. 6 No. 21 - Student Matinée

This morning we have a student matinée. NYCB’s tradition of inviting NYC school children to the ballet began with Mr. B: “Balanchine, who puts on a series of special free programs for 3,000 schoolchildren every season, took the group personally in hand, gave them a special guided tour and he even offered some brief instruction in the basic steps of ballet. Marilyn [6] was reluctant to try at first but, following the ballerina’s example [Diana Adams], she finally kicked up a lively heel. Balanchine inaugurated his programs partly to stoke up interest in his art but also, he says, “because all children today need all the civilizing influences we can give them.”

Marilyn (L), Diana Adams (R), Balanchine (behind). Unknown photographer, 1961.

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