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NYCB Vol. 6 No. 8 - Allegro Brillante

Violette. Photo by Martha Swope, 1968

“The novelty of the program was Violette Verdy making her debut, strangely enough, in George Balanchine’s 'Allegro Brillante.' One says strangely enough only because one could have thought that the ballet and the ballerina might have been virtually born for each other. Certainly at this belated debut she gave Mr. Balanchine’s impetuous dance rhapsody with a perfectly sure blend of delicacy and musicality.”

“She was well matched by an ardent Anthony Blum, dancing with the buoyant vigor and thus that makes his dancing so attractively idiosyncratic.”

—Clive Barnes, New York Times, 1967.

Violette Verdy & Anthony Blum. Photo by Fred Fehl, 1971.

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