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SAB 90 - The School of American Ballet Celebrates 90 Years

Today marks the 90th Anniversary of the School of American Ballet. This month I'll be sharing content about the early days of SAB and spotlighting some of it's most treasured teachers.

On January 1, 1934, SAB held its first auditions. "When classes began officially the following day, thirty-two students had enrolled at the new School. Two months later, fifty students were attending classes graded on four levels of skill and experience."

The School's first announcement in Dance Magazine promised: "A complete education in the art of dance, toward the creation of an American Ballet Company."

— "But First a School" by Jennifer Dunning

Be sure to follow Kurt Froman on Instagram who will be posting footage related to the history of SAB as well! HERE

(left) Students of SAB in 1944. Romana Kryzanowska (Paul Mejia’s mother) in 3rd position.

(right) Tanny, center back. Romana, bottoms right.

Photos by Gjon Mili for LIFE Magazine.

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