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SAB 90 - The Studio

“The facility that greeted the students that opening day in 1934 was a spacious one with high ceilings. Most of the classes were given in a large studio with big windows. One wall was lined with mirrors, the other three with ballet barres. […] The School was on the fourth floor, reached by an old and rickety elevator, with painters’ lofts on the fifth, top floor. The offices on the third floor included the premises of the tailor who had moved to make room for the School, only to find himself sewing to the thud of Balanchine and the advanced students as they whirled through mazurkas in character class.”

“[…] Balanchine and Dimitriew (the director of the school) earned a weekly salary of $100 each, the resident pianist, $60 […] Rent for the floor was $275 a month.”

— "But First a School" by Jennifer Dunning

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In photos 2-3 you can see 15 year old Tanny far right in a light colored tank top and black tights. In the last photo you can see her far left.

The “Tuxedo Hall, 637 Madison Avenue. Home of SAB from 1934-1956.2-4. Students rehearsing in 1944.

Photos by Gjon Mili for LIFE Magazine.

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