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NYCB Vol. 3 No. 27 - The Cage

“I don’t see why some people are so shocked by ‘The Cage’. If you observe closely you must realize that it is actually not more than the second act of Giselle in a contemporary visualization.” —Jerome Robbins

Robbins described the plot: "It’s about a tribe of women. A young girl, a novice, is to be initiated. She doesn’t yet know her duties and capacities as a member of the tribe nor is she aware of her innate instincts. She falls in love with a man and mates with him. But the rules of the tribe demand his death. She refuses to kill him but she is again ordered to fulfill her duty, and when his blood actually flows, her animal instincts are aroused and she rushes forward to complete the sacrifice. Her affection yields to her tribal instinct.” —Jerome Robbins

(top left) Tanaquil LeClercq as the Novice. Uncredited, 1955.

(top center) Allegra Kent and Francisco Moncion. Swope, 1951.

(top right) Nicholas Magallanes and Nora Kaye. Baron/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, 1951.

(bottom left) Yvonne Mounsey as the Queen. George Platt Lynes, 1951.

(bottom center) Original cast (Nora Kaye, Nicholas Magallanes, Yvonne Mounsey.) Frederick Melton, 1951.

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