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NYCB Vol. 4 No. 6 - Duo Concertant

Updated: Apr 3

On stage tonight, Duo Concertant. A work created in 1972 for the Stravinsky Festival.

"Here, the music actually penetrated the dancing, and did not merely accompany it: the dancers stood still at times and visibly listed. And in its intimacy, the ballet recalled the very personal nature of the fifty-year collaboration that the Stravinsky festival celebrated and prolonged." —Nancy Reynolds

"Watching them listen is a theatrical experience in itself. Their faces speak a multitude of unknown thoughts, but the intensity and sweet concentration with which they listen suggest that the notes are running through their bodies. Finally, they are moved to dance."—Nancy Goldner

Merde to Sterling Hyltin who dances her last Duo Concertant tonight!

Peter Martins and Suzanne Farrell. Swope, 1983.

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