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NYCB Vol. 5 No. 33 - Nutcracker

[33/50] A year ago today I was lucky enough to meet my favorite ballerina. I mean, I have a lot of favorites, but Allegra is at the top. I've told the story before, but her book Once a Dancer... (affiliate link) was my introduction to NYCB and I fell in love with the world through her eyes. Last year my wonderful friend Rosalie O'Connor arranged a lunch date where we could meet. I had my original book signed by her and she brought me a copy of her newest book "Grand Jeté" already inscribed to me! (which was lovingly gift-wrapped in paper towels and scotch tape 🥰) I still look back and can't believe I got to meet, talk to and hug Allegra Kent, and at Christmastime no less! A very special memory indeed.

Allegra Kent as Dewdrop. Photos by Martha Swope, 1957. Allegra was 20 in these photos.

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