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NYCB Vol. 8 No. 22 - Symphony in C

Speaking of the opening night performance in 1948, Anatole Chujoy wrote, "The thrill of the evening came with Balanchine's Symphony in C. With no story to restrain its kinetic form or to hinder its choreographic development, it builds with ever-mounting force to an exciting climax."

The New York City Ballet by Anatole Chujoy (affiliate link)

(top) Maria Tallchief & Nicholas Magallanes. (1st Movement) Photo by George Platt Lynes, 1948.

(bottom left) Tanaquil LeClercq. Photo by George Platt Lynes, 1948.

(bottom right) Tanaquil LeClercq & Francisco Moncion. (2nd Movement) Photo by George Platt Lynes, 1948.


It brings me great joy to share this collection of photos today. Due to Tanny’s career being cut short by polio at age 27, there are relatively few photos of her dancing compared to her colleagues whose careers were two or three times longer than hers. It is always so exciting to open a folder and discover uncirculated photos of Tanny. This collection shows her dancing the 2nd movement in Symphony in C. Please and enjoy and share the beauty of Tanaquil LeClercq.

“The highest point of Symphony in C was probably the adagio of LeClercq and Moncion in the second movement. A true adagio in classic style, it is, nevertheless, free of the cliches found in most ballet adagios. LeClercq danced it with ease, fluidity, and technical brilliance that the audience was growing accustomed to expect from that young dancer. Moncion gave her sure and strong support, not a simple task in this complicated pas de deux.”

The New York City Ballet by Anatole Chujoy (affiliate link)

Tanaquil LeClercq and Francisco Moncion. Photos by Fred Fehl, 1948 & 1955.

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