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NYCB Vol. 9 No. 9 - Nutcracker

(9/50) The skirt of the tutu [for Dewdrop] has taken on various lengths over the years, depending on the individual ballerina's physique. For LeClercq [the original Dewdrop], the skirt was a short, spontaneous sprout of tulle reaching to just below the hips and revealing her gorgeous long legs in both front and back."

--Costumes by Karinska by Toni Bentley (affiliate link)

In these photos, we see Patricia Neary in two different length skirts for Dewdrop.

(left) Patricia Neary. Photo by Fred Fehl, 1962.

(center) Patricia Neary, Photo by Martha Swope, 1965. (Colorized by me)

(right) Patricia Neary. Photo by Fred Fehl, 1963.

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