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NYCB Vol. 4 No. 3 - Raymonda Variations

Raymonda Variations has been described as, “an adorable confection, concocted of marzipan, diamond, youth, and nostalgia” in “candy floss costumes.” —John Martin, New York Times, 1961

“Ballet sweets from Balanchine’s inexhaustible candy box.” —Klaus Gietel, 1962

This post highlights featured dancers in Raymonda Variations from the 60s-80s. Enjoy these treats!

( top row left) Merrill Ashley. Swope, 1983.

(top row right) Edward Villella. Swope, 1965.

(second row left) Nichol Hlinka. Swope, 1983.

(second row right) Helgi Tomasson. Swope, 1983.

(third row left) Muriel Aasen. Swope, 1975.

(third row right) Marnee Morris. Swope 1965.

(bottom row)Kyra Nichols. Swope, 1988

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