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NYCB Vol. 9 No. 26 - Nutcracker

(26/50) I’m very inspired by all the family legacies in this company. I was able to find at least 10 instances of dancers whose children also danced in the NYCB Nutcracker. (Don’t even get me started on NYCB siblings…too many to count!)

FIRST IMAGE: Paul Mejia (father) and Suki Schorer. Photo by Martha Swope, 1967.

SECOND IMAGE: Roman Mejia (son) and Tiler Peck. 2023. Colorized and morphed by me.

LEFT: Jacques d’Amboise (father) with Suzanne Farrell. Swope, 1967.

RIGHT: Christopher d’Amboise (son) and Judith Fugate. Photo by Carolyn George. n.d.

TOP LEFT: Carolyn George (mother/grandmother) Photo by Fred Fehl, 1954

TOP RIGHT: Charlotte d’Amboise (daughter/mother) Catherine d’Amboise (daughter). Martha Swope, 1973.

BOTTOM: Josephine and Shelby Mann (daughters/granddaughters) Photo by Philip Montgomery, 2010

LEFT: Halley Zien (daughter). Photo courtesy of Suzy, 1990s.

CENTER: Susan Pilarre (mother). Photo by Fred Fehl, 1958.

RIGHT: Zoe Zien (daughter). Photo courtesy of Suzy, 1990s.

LEFT: Peter Martins (father) with Suzanne Farrell . Photo by Martha Swope, 1968

RIGHT: Nilas Martins (son) with Kyra Nichols. Photo by Paul Kolnik.

BOTH: Melissa Hayden (mother) and Jennifer Colman (daughter).

Photos by Martha Swope, 1972.

LEFT: Sally Streets (mother). Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1954.

RIGHT: Kyra Nichols (daughter). Photo by Martha Swope, 1986

TOP: Susan Borree (mother) with Mr. B on right. Photo by Fred Fehl, 1958.

BOTTOM: Yvonne Borree (daughter). Photo by Paul Kolnik.

LEFT: Marjorie Spohn (mother). Photo by Martha Swope, 1967

RIGHT: Lindy Hyatt (daughter). Photo courtesy of Marjorie Spohn.

LEFT: Margot Krody (mother). Photo cir. 1990-93

RIGHT: Eliza Blutt (daughter). Photo by Paul Kolnik, 2019.

Special thanks to Paul Kolnik for digging in his archives to provide 2 photos for the series.

Additional thanks to Suzy Pilarre, David Gray, Tiler Peck, Eliza Blutt, Charlotte d’Amboise and Marjorie Spohn for either identifying family members in old photos, or providing photos for this post. Thanks to Wendy Whelan for her advice as well.

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