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NYCB Vol. 2 No. 13 - Swan Lake

(2/10) When Balanchine mounted his own one-act production of Swan Lake in 1951, New York Times critic John Martin was “bewildered” by the notion of an avant-garde company taking on a classical ballet that had been done a hundred times before. I just find old dance reviews so funny: “Once one has registered astonished disapproval of such a wasteful expenditure of energy and taste, there remains nothing but praise for the way the dubious assignment has been executed”

“Certainly visually the most beautiful and theatrically the most exciting “Swan Lake” on record. Last night it found Maria Tallchief dancing like an angel and everything shipshape and elegant.

—John Martin, New York Times, 1951

(left) Maria Tallchief. George Platt Lynes, 1951

(top center) Maria Tallchief and Andre Eglevsky in rehearsal. Martha Swope, 1958.

(bottom center) Maria Tallchief in rehearsal. Martha Swope, 1958

(right) Maria Tallchief. Martha Swope, 1966

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